“Why Do You Leave Your Old Stuff Up?”

This is a “new” project, but it is an organic continuation of everything I’ve been doing for the past ten years (blogs, blogs, and vlogs). As such, although some of my thoughts and beliefs have developed and changed over time, my current reflections are not distinct or disconnected from previous reflections. They, after all, are part of the very process that got me here, and part of the process of thinking the things I’m thinking now.

Thus, I have opted to leave my old stuff up for several reasons:

  1. I don’t want to spend too much time recreating things I’ve already done. A quick reference and hyperlink is way easier than re-articulating similar thoughts.
  2. Even though some things I’ve posted before may seem sub-par in terms of quality, analysis, or even relevance, they are part of my journey. I could worry about curating my persona and cleaning up my online presence, but leaving them up is more honest. It’s a practice in vulnerability and authenticity.
  3. One thing I wish people would be more open about is their own process of coming to consciousness. We are not born with a ripe awareness about how systems perpetuate suffering, harm, violence, and pain. We don’t automatically know how deeply ingrained those systems are in our own lives and thinking. And when we begin the process of trying to understand those intricacies, we don’t just wake up one day with a fully realized social consciousness. One is not suddenly woke. We are all always on a path of continuous learning, of coming to consciousness. Even the thinkers I look up to the most had to engage in their own process of learning and unlearning and learning again to think and write the things they thought and wrote.
  4. Part of the practice of feminist friendship is embarking on a journey of learning together. It would be wholly disingenuous to make it seem like my journey starts here. This is just to most recent attempt to invite you to learn alongside and with me.

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