Readings & Resources

Everything I think and feel and write about here is connected to something someone else thought, felt, wrote, and shared, which I happened to come across in my own life and incorporate into my own way of seeing the world.

It is important to recognize that we what we know, think, and believe comes from a collective process of curating countless resources, whatever form they may take (conversations, letters, essays, poems, stories, and lived experiences, among so many others). While there are countless artifacts and testimonies across many languages and years upon years of history that one individual will never encounter, they are still  meaningful contributions that shape our world.

Within the vastness that constitutes our means for capturing and shaping our conscious awareness and understanding of each other and the world, I mention only a tiny sliver of resources that exist and that have shaped my own thinking.

It is with gratitude and appreciation that I seek to acknowledge those who have directly influenced my ability to do and say and think and feel what I do, particularly with this project. At the same time, and quite regrettably, I know there are many I will not recall or remember to mention by name. This is for them, too.


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