The Project

This is an attempt to create and share a collection of connections among concepts and everyday personal reflections to demonstrate how we can learn about each other in new ways, that we can learn to support each other in better ways, and to inspire the ongoing creation of transformative relationships across our differences through practices of engaged intimacy and feminist friendship.

The Writer

I am a queer-identifying feminist philosopher and mixed-raced Asian-American woman who grew up in Idaho and has continued to be informed and influenced by the wisdom and generosity of others whose lives and stories and reflections have molded and shaped my very being. I am profoundly grateful to all those who have helped me understand more about myself and the world around me, who have shown me how to be a better friend, who have supported my own growth and healing, and who continue to inspire me to better understand what it means to love whole-heartedly.

I am passionate about social justice and gender equity. While this is my latest project, I have been committed to expanding and exploring the possibilities for publicly engaged philosophical practice for over ten years. The internet makes that ridiculously easy to track. If you’re curious, here’s a good start on my digital “paper trail.”


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