Similar Projects on Friendship

New projects that center the importance of connection, relationship,and friendship across our differences continue to emerge. Here are a few. If you know of others, please share your resources!

UnCommon Bonds: Women Reflect on Race and Friendship (2018)

Friendship as Social Justice Activism: Critical Solidarities in a Global Perspective (2018)

Big Friendship (coming 2020)

Sisterhood is Scarce” – Women at Work Podcast, Harvard Business Review

Introducing Feminist Frameworks – I’ve create two online courses with CSU Online. The second course, “Women Supporting Women,” is a highly condensed version containing some key pieces related to my understanding of feminist friendship. (P.S. I do not personally profit from registration fees. I wanted to create these course for folks who just want to keep learning!)

Me and White Supremacy Workbook 
* While not exactly about friendship across difference, this is a personal tool to help people work through whiteness in ways that could help them show up better as friends and allies.*