Other Concepts to Know

In addition to my own concepts, there are several from other thinkers and theorists that have been crucial building blocks for my own thinking. This page is a work in progress. I’ll continue to build it out as I write posts, but I’m offering this list of concepts and the primary sources for my understanding of them so readers will be able to follow along or do some research on their own.

Check the Categories and Tag Cloud to learn more about these concepts as I write!


Self-Overcoming (Friedrich Nietzsche)

Critical Thinking

Epistemology of Ignorance (Charles Mills)


The Will to Know (Ladelle McWhorter)

The Will to Power (Friedrich Nietzsche)

Playfulness (María Lugones)

World Traveling (María Lugones)

Loving Perception (María Lugones)

Multiple Selves (María Lugones)

Intersectionality (Kimberlé Crenshaw)

Being Lovingly, Knowingly Ignorant (Mariana Ortega)

Whiteness and White Supremacy (Charles Mills, Shannon Sullivan)

Discipline vs. Normalization (Ladelle McWhorter)

Master’s Tools (Audre Lorde)


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