Process the Process

More than a concept, this is one of my favorite practices.

Processing the process is a way to “go meta” on a something, to reflect on the process itself, how it transpires and how I show up.

Processing the process has been critical for me to become more self-reflexive, to be more honest with myself, and to stay attuned to where I have more work to do.

When I write, I will go back and reflect on my writing. When I was stuck feeling unable to write, I allowed myself to see what revealed itself in the process rather than trying to explicitly identify what it was I was seeking to share.

In a way, it creates distance between myself and the things that get in my own way. Maybe it’s fear. Maybe insecurity. Anxiety. Confusion.

Leaning into the comfort of knowing that I can always (at least) process the process has helped me stay open to whatever is coming up for me at any given moment.

I don’t have to fully understand my thoughts or feelings at the time.

Although I hope to gain a deeper understanding and work through any harm, pain, or areas where I should continue to grow, I can accept that it doesn’t have to be fully present to me in the moment (especially if I’m engaging in some tough stuff). I know that my experience is part of the process itself, and that I will learn more when I return to it, and myself, as I process the process for greater understanding.

In other words, when you’re at a loss for what to do, what there is to learn, where one can still grow, I have found it very helpful to get in the practice of processing the process to see what else we might reveal to ourselves about ourselves, and then move forward from there.

* * *

Two more things about processing the process:

I appreciate the explicit naming that coming to consciousness, growth and learning, are all part of a process.

I’m also embracing the fact that the very nature of this project is one in process. I haven’t created something to be delivered all at once. It will unfold, as it does.


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