“Why Do You Share So Much Personal Stuff?”

I could have easily set out to create a website to serve as an educational resource with references, citations, concepts, and definitions to provide a “philosophical toolkit” that reflects my own thinking.

While that would provide some valuable content, it would not share anything about my life, experiences, thoughts, or feelings, the very things that provide points of contact between theory and practice.

It would do very little in the service of feminist friendship, to create more bonds of understanding. As noted in the epigraph to this site with the quote from Gloria Anzaldúa, this project is intended to be a means “to become more intimate with myself and you.”

Plus, I want to share my thoughts and feelings and real life things that matter to me, even personal things, so they are documented somewhere, you know, in case my mortality catches up with me.


2 thoughts on ““Why Do You Share So Much Personal Stuff?”

  1. Do you still look at the bird tattooed on your shoulder each morning and ask: “Is it today, little bird? Is it the day that I’m going to die?” I think of that story often.


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